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Customer Care

It is my personal goal as owner of Vanity 101, LLC (DBA Face to Fase), to make sure that you, our valued customers, are as satisfied with our cosmetics, skincare products, accessories and services; as I am.
*We appreciate your business, and hope your experience with us is one that you’ll continually enjoy!

Gift Cards

Our Face to Fase gift cards do not expire.  However, their value may be determined upon the length of the unused possession of them.  We understand that you may have a busy year, and that life gets in the way - so, gift cards hold their service value for two years.  ("Service value = a gift card for a facial, massage, etc will be valid for such service marked, for the length of two years, despite any current difference in price.)

If a gift card was purchased by yourself, or by someone who gifted it to you, despite 'when' it came into your possession; if it was purchased two or more years prior; then that gift card will only be valid for the "purchase price" of the card.  That non-expired amount paid, may be applied to any product or service offered, at the current service price.

(Many gift cards are purchased during holiday specials, for a monetary value of $37.50 for facials and $100 for massage facial combos - this is more than 50% regular service prices, so be sure to use those gift cards in a timely manner, in order to take full advantage of their "service value", while that option is available to you)

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Once an appointment is scheduled at Face to Fase, it is also "confirmed."  We do NOT call to remind our appointments of their times. It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of the proper date/time of their scheduled appointment.  All “no show” appointments, with no prior notification of necessity to reschedule will be subject to a fee (which will be charged to the valid credit card number that you agree to provide to us upon setting and confirming your appointment.)

If you are coming with a pre-paid service gift card, and are a no call / no show appointment; the missed-service price will be automatically deducted from your gift card.


We operate on a "15 minute rule."  If it is 15 minutes past your appointment time, and you are not in the shop, and we have not been notified of your tardiness ("notified" = spoken to a staff member) we will then consider you a "no show" appointment, and the remainder of you your scheduled time will be offered to another client on our waiting list.  You are then welcome to reschedule your appointment to another date & time.

Return and Exchange Policy

For the health and safety of our valued customers, we are unable to take back any cosmetic or skincare products once they have left our premises.  We would NEVER offer anything for re-sale once its quality assurance has left our control, and we know that our customers feel more comfortable with us operating so.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, or have received a damaged product, contact us.

Returns or exchanges of product must be received within 30 days of sale/order placement and will be available to you in store credit.

Ordering & Shipping Policy

Orders will be shipped within 2 business days
(on condition that all items are in stock)

If an item(s) from your order has been placed on backorder, or is temporarily unavailable due to high order volume, it will be shipped to you at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for shipping, once it is received in stock.

Keep in mind when ordering online, each and every computer has variations in color. We represent the colors and product in the most true, accurate form possible, but unfortunately, we can not be responsible for perceived variations in color due to an individual(s) computer accuracy.

Payment Methods
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