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Our Mission

In my opinion, when you look good, you feel good, and it is my personal mission, as well as the mission of Vanity 101 LLC and Face to Fase to provide you with the necessary tools, products, services, and most importantly – knowledge, to keep you looking and feeling beautiful (or handsome,) through our extensive line of cosmetics and skincare, while keeping you well informed of the latest trends and new makeup techniques with professional tips and cosmetic advice.

–Leigh Ann Borrelli. Owner/Operator

Meet Leigh Ann (Bio)

Face to Fase is owned and operated by Leigh Ann Borrelli, Professional, Published Celebrity Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetic Beauty Columnist who features her own line of cosmetics and skincare.

Leigh Ann began in the cosmetic industry in 2000 as a self-taught Makeup Artist… Since then, her career, clientele and portfolio continue to grow; and she has quickly become one of the most sought after Makeup Artist in New Jersey.

Working with countless professional photographers in addition to celebrities, models and actors; her work in print has been published on magazine covers, style books, on billboards,  commercial product packaging and in logo design.  Her makeup work in video has been featured on Showtime, many TV appearances, in music video; as well as live stage performances and runways of all kind

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