Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Am I following the rules of my selling platform?

Yes. Our members are never paid and know they are under no obligation to leave a positive review or any review at all if they choose. They do not share addresses of any kind (billing, mailing, or IP) and therefore are not flagged as duplicate household reviews. Our members are familiar with the TOS and Guidelines for all the major selling platforms and stick close to them.

FAQ - What if someone is unhappy with my product or service?

As Product Testers & Secret Shoppers, members have the understanding that their responsibility is to help owners understand their experiences so that service and products can be improved for organic sales. Members are asked if they have a negative experience to contact owners directly, through private email. Maybe the item was broken in transit and a replacement would iron out the issues, or they could just need some tips for best usage. Maybe you want to invite them back in to experience your venue again. We want to ensure you have the opportunity to handle issues. All members are required to leave their feedback for you in a private form that you will be given access to, they're also encouraged to share with the world if they had a positive experience with your brand.

FAQ - Can I choose who gets my product or visits my location?

Similar to Amazon's VINE program, we do not allow any connections between shoppers and sellers. Our group is full of professionals, who we continue to educate for best practices, and any one of them would be a good choice. We strive to hand pick for you, from the interested volunteers, the best-suited members with the most enthusiasm.