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  • What are your hours?
    We are open and available 7 days a week; morning, afternoon and evening; by appointment. Each day varies by our scheduled appointment times (but every day is typically a 12 hour day).
  • Why do I call on the phone, and do not get an answer?"
    As we explain on our voicemail message, YOU ARE ALMOST ALWAYS LIKELY TO GET OUR VOICEMAIL, as we do not answer the phone while in sessions with appointments (which is the majority of our day.) Just because you call, and call, AND CALL; and may not get a human to answer right away, does NOT mean that we are closed; nor does it mean that we are "not working." It is quite the opposite! It means that we are devoting our undivided attention to our scheduled appointments. We will call, or text, you back as soon as our schedule allows.
  • Why do I not get an immediate call/text back?
    We operate by a back-to-back appointment schedule; we are able to contact you in those brief moments between appointments. If our day concludes at a late hour, we will wait until the next day to contact you. If multiple days in a row, we conclude at a late hour, and have no free time between appointments, we will wait until our next available time to contact you. *We understand that you may be calling multiple times in hopes of getting a same-day appointment, however we typically book AT LEAST a week in advance. Even if we can't get back to you within a day or so...we don't have any available times to offer you, until after that date, as is.
  • Why is your door locked, but you are "open"?
    We are not a "walk-in" facility. Since we operate by appointment, and pride ourselves on giving our clients a truly personal one-on-one, comfortable experience; our front door is locked while we are in session.
  • What happens when I purchase through an outside site like Groupon or Living Social?
    When you purchase through anyone other than us directly at Face to Fase, we have NO control over that transaction. If an issue arises with an expiration date, fine print, etc ... you need to contact the ones that you purchased from. Your transaction is NOT WITH FACE TO FASE; your transaction is with who you actually paid (Groupon, Living Social, etc...). * To avoid this, ALWAYS PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM FACE TO FASE, as we, ourselves, have NO EXPIRATION DATES, NOR LIMITATIONS.
  • Why do I have to provide a credit card number when scheduling an appointment?
    We keep a valid credit card number on file to hold your scheduled time. If you commit to setting an appointment with us, you are expected to be there. The ONLY time we charge your card, is if you have incurred a no show fee (as described in our Store Policy tab).
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